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The Ostal Cassinia is situated in Haute Garonne, South West of France, 65km away from Toulouse, a region rich in outdoor activities. Discover the cultural activities and points of interest of the region at less than a 2 hour drive!

Discover points of interest in the surroundings of the Ostal Cassinia on the interactive map:

The region of the Comminges, which spreads from Toulouse to Bagnères de Luchon, is a region rich in outdoor activities: trekking, ski stations, paragliding, canyoning… We offer you to discover these, all located at less than a 2 hour drive from the Ostal Cassinia.

Outdoor activities around 

Concerning hiking, you can consult the website Cagire Garonne Salat (FR) for the GPS coordinates. A card for each hike is also available on the website Topo Pyrénnées.

Your events, Restaurants, and casinos, around

There are plenty of restaurants which you will greatly enjoy!

  • Looking for an idyllic venue for your weeding or an exceptionnal meeting room ? Chateau de Saint Martory
  • Restaurant Le Comptoir des Frangins, Martres Tolosanne, +33 5 61 97 11 67
  • Restaurant Castet, Martres-Tolosane (very high level concerning quality and price), +33 5 61 98 80 20,
  • Restaurant de Betchat (very good level, excellent relationship between price and quality),+33 5 61 65 40 64,
  • La petite maison à Lorp (very original cooking, good relationship between price and quality), +33 5 61 66 54 49,
  • Hôtel de Mane (moujetade, the local cassoulet), +33 5 61 90 54 55,
  • Les Trois Oursbetween Salies and Mane (simple but right among nature), +33 5 61 87 34 46,
  • Anne et Gaston, Salies du Salat (original and tasty),+33 5 61 90 34 80,
  • Restaurant de Tourtouse (home-made foie gras, cabbage soup every wednesday), +33 5 61 96 43 25,
  • Restaurant du Casino de Salies (air-conditioned, classic but with an excellent price), +33 5 61 97 11 00.
  • Casino of Salies-du-Salat : beware that a piece of identification will be asked when you enter, +33 5 61 97 11 00. Very good reception and pleasant restaurant, try their meal/slot machine option, very amusing, and maybe even lucky!

spa_salinea Ostal Cassinia

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Spa Salinea© Ostal Cassinia

Discover the cultural activities of the region.


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